Saturday, August 1


Wow. It's nearly been a week and I have nothing to show for it. What have I been doing with myself?
Nothing. Eating Hot Tamales and mourning my last days of summer before I have to be a crazed, working woman again.

So today, since I'm mourning the loss of my youth, today I leave you with this antiquated relic. Note the headphones, please.

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  1. Erin, I just showed Grandpa your pumpkin scones, read him your "...about the author," and then read him your "fine print" (though he'd heard them both before). I left him with a big smile on his face after he laughed and said, "That Erin is something else!" Well, I had to agree! We love your blogspot; but mostly we love YOU!

    BTW, is the above an antiquated relic, Erin???