Friday, June 19

ode to the crumblies

Dear Crumblies,

Today I have an ode
I want to send your way.
Because with just water, oil and eggs
Tay thinks you’re gourmet!

Your little mini can of berries
is really pretty cute.
That fact that you’re dubbed “crumblies”
is pretty much a hoot.

When milk is never stocked
impulse baking is a chore
but the streusel topping muffin box?
Paradigm of patient.
Forever it will store!

See, I buy the milk to make “real” muffins,
but it just goes bad;
and so I have to chunk it,
and that just makes me mad.

And if I buy blueberries
we’d have a pricey slew.
Babe. eat. these. berries.
I don’t care if you turn blue!!

So, crumblies in the red box, to you I say hooray!
Because with you it’s more than simple to brighten Taylor’s day!
The End.


  1. Ha! Ha! Nice poem! Way to go Wifey!

  2. I love your Ode to the Crumblies, Erin! It makes sense to me!