Sunday, June 7


Today is our first wedding anniversary. We had brunch at Green Pastures where we were married a year ago. A venerable brunch spread they have there on Sundays! Whew! In the spirit of the day, I'd like to take some time to pay homage to a few things that have made this year great.

Besides being married to Taylor, of course.

I don't know where this simple device has been all my life, but I'm glad I had wedding credit enough to purchase one. Each morning henceforth, my coffee has been smooth and strong and not burned....
#1 The Bodum French Press

I finally recovered from an intense liberal arts high school education and an honors English college degree program that effectively squelched all desire from my spirit to read for pleasure...and I picked up a book to read on our honeymoon. Little did I know that Wicked would be the first of 26 books I would end up reading during our first year of marriage. Seven of those were that of the highly acclaimed Harry Potter series. Yes, I succumbed to the mass trend. It was worth it. It is good literature, take it from me, the over saturated in English Literature. There's a complex plot, complex characters, loyalty, bravery, honor....woven throughout all seven tomes. They're better than the movies too, as all books are.
#2 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

When one has to be a housewife and do housewiferly duties, something that makes one smile despite said duties is always a welcome treat. Whenever I decide it's time to dust, which admittedly is never often enough, this little thing never fails to make me chuckle....
#3 The Quick Dusting Mitten
(he he he)

The fact that I had been previously so diametrically opposed to this type of thing in my idealistic new wife state is important to note. I thought, well if Taylor wants cookies after dinner, I can make them. No need to spend money on that type of thing. However, my incapacity to control myself in presence of cookie dough combined with Taylor's odd notion that cookies would be "gone bad" after 36 hours, did not bode well for my wasteline, or for our trashcan, whichever won the fight over the dozens of cookies that one batch produced.

Not only do they come in a happy little package and make you feel charitable for buying prepackaged cookie embryos, but they have been the savior of my girlish figure, of my time of relaxation after a day of work and "dinner" concoctions and of Taylor's sweet tooth. He can make himself two or three warm and gooey "homemade" cookies without me having to get up off the couch or set one foot in the kitchen.

I mean... um... I can make him homemade cookies without him having to get up off the couch or set one foot in the kitchen ....
#4 Immaculate Baking Company's Better Bakes.
Triple Chocolate and Vanilla Sugar
site here

Thanks for reading about my endeavors this year!


  1. True Love....Congratulations on your first year of mawwige!! Thanks for posting your living cookbook! I love your recipes, your creative variations, your musings and your photos. May you and Taylor enjoy many happy years ahead with lots of vittles to enjoy with many friends and family members! Love you both!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! May you have many many more

  3. Erin, I also love your blogging cookbook! Thank you so much for doing it! I love your humor with it, too, Erin!

    BTW, I like your term "cookie embryos"! Making only 2 or 3 cookies is smart! Way to go!