Friday, October 16


fall! and well, recently i've been finding it much easier to muse over at my other blog {tied up with string}. but do not be dismayed, coaching season is nearly over and that {hopefully} means a bit more culinary adventures for {vittles} to dutifully document!

until then,
i'll be over there!
so come visit!

{image belongs to marthastewartliving}


  1. While I really do enjoy reading your musings on the other site, I love being a taste-tester after Taylor has eaten his fill of your experiments for this blog. :)

    ....waiting for the "pumpkin pots de creme" to appear! Although honestly, I can wait until volleyball season is over though. :)

  2. Erin! You have another site? I'm going to check it out! Thanks, Sweetie!

    Love you!