Sunday, July 5

lime green nesting

Since this is my blog and I do whatever I want, I'm posting pictures of the place that we typically eat our vittles. To be more specific, it's the place I always eat my vittles, and as long as golf or Harry Potter are not on TV, Taylor acquiescences to join me.

I've decided not to count the amount of plates I have slapped up on our walls. It's probably excessive if you consider my square-footage-to-plated-walls ratio. But hopefully everyone is just too overwhelmed by the awesomeness of our apartment decor to judge.

All these plates except one were bought at Home Goods in Sugarland with my friends Elizabeth and Caroline. I helped Elizabeth in her pregnant nesting state and it overflowed into my own apartment. The middle green one on the side called to me from our cabinet when I lamented about the lack of a third green plate to complete the ensemble. It's from Target in College Station and its really a saucer lacking a cup. I have no clue why I bought it at the time. Probably because I was engaged and nesting and decorating a non-existent home already (ask Hanna) and probably also because it was on sale.

The H is from my mother-in-law, who conveniently enough shares my last name. I didn't want to put plates on that side because not only, in my mind, would it look a little to overly balanced and composed but also because then people would probably walk into our apartment for dinner and say, "Oh, I see we're going to be eating on the walls tonight."
If you had told me a few years ago that lime green would be the color of unity in our apartment I would have scoffed at you. But if you can see, it ties in everything, all the way to the bedroom. Do you like my mismatched placemats? Thanks. There are two yellow ones and two of those green and blue paisley ones. I only own two of the paisley ones because that's all they had at Target in College Station, and that's all I needed to cook and whip up a little cutesty engaged spread for my visiting fiance. (again, ask Hanna)

The fake fruit is probably too copious in our apartment too. But look at how brilliantly they tie in my plates and my Target placemats and my green and white napkins that you can barely see. Taylor asked about six months into our marriage and of dining at this table, whether or not they were real. To his credit, that's probably just how long it took him to notice them.

So remember, if you can't paint your dining room a fun color, you can put some little saucer plates up and dream of the days of home ownership with walls big and bold enough to hang something maybe a little more grown up-ish. Like a platter.

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  1. Erin, you are so cute! I love this discussion!