Wednesday, July 1

hibiscus mint tea

This episode of {vittles} brings you: The Math Teacher Makes Tea Edition.

Here's my thought process when I set out to make this.

These tea bags are for cups.
Cups, I need this gallon converted to cups. Um. K. 2 pints in a quart. 4 quarts in a gallon. If, "a pint's a pound the world around," then a pint is 16 oz. A cup is 8 oz. So, 2 cups in a pint.....Where was I? Cups to gallons.....
2 cups {a pint} + 2 cups {a pint} = 1 quart.
so 4 cups = 1 quart {I should memorize this one}
4 cups times 4 quarts = 16 cups in a gallon

I'll give you a moment to recover. Be thankful I spared you from fractions.

Ok are you there? Does that mean 16 tea bags to make a gallon? Well, I wanted about a tea bag for every 10-16 oz. I'm putting 10 tea bags in this recipe, but I really, I think it's all about the brewing time. Brew the heck out of them and you don't need 16 tea bags. But use 16 if you don't trust me or if you make it my way and hate it. I'm just trying to save you a couple quarters here.

Central Market has made a hibiscus mint tea for a long time that I love. It's pink tea. How fun. And I've started seeing it on more restaurant menus recently. The other day I got tea free at HEB when I bought my coffee. And, being inspired by my friend Elizabeth's cold Tazo Passion Tea, I decided to try to recreate CM's tea. {Hi Liz! How are your plates?} Plus, when it's 183 degrees outside, you can't beat a cold pitcher of tea waiting for you in the 'fridge.

hibiscus raspberry mint tea
{makes 1 gallon}
10 Hibiscus Tea Bags {HEB sells their box of Hibiscus Raspberry Tea for about $1.75}
12 - 1o mint leaves, crushed or chopped
Bring about a quart of water to a rolling boil in a pot. Add all the tea bags. Be sure they're submerged. Remove from heat and cover. Brew about 10 minutes. Add the mint in the middle of the brewing time.

Pour into gallon pitcher with lid and add water to fill. Stir. I'd add a few more mint leaves at this point. Store in the refrigerator and sweeten individual glasses to taste.

You can probably find hibiscus mint tea to brew but it's MUCH better with fresh mint sitting in the pitcher.

Happy July!!!

{image belongs to jenncurrie}


  1. I was thinking that it would be lovely to have another tea that I was so fond of. Although it will be tough to beat the TAZO, I will def give yours a try! Hibiscus Raspberry tea is now on my grocery list.

  2. This sounds so refreshing!

    I can't keep up with all your new additions: Green Pizza tomorrow and Tarragon Chicken Salad next time I buy grapes!!

    (By the way, I like your photography ~ don't give it up!!)

  3. I love hibiscus tea! AND adding the mint sounds delightful, Erin!

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