Tuesday, March 3


Baby Rosemary! My mom brought this home for me from our new favorite grocery store in South Austin, Newflower Farmer's Market .....which, by the way, is life changing. Especially on Wednesdays. Last week, I got blueberries for 88 cents instead of 3.89.

Back to Baby Rose. Now whenever my recipes call for rosemary, this is where it will be coming from! ....and maybe even when they don't call for it. If I can keep her alive, I may start a little potted herb garden on our patio.


  1. I like Baby Rosemary's pot. Too bad about Baby Basil, though. :(

  2. Erin, I like your picture of Baby Rose. I, too, like the pot. How thoughtful of your mom to buy rosemary for you!